Teachers Tools

Teacher Tools

Schools use the feedback from the analysis to develop strategies which could be remediation for small group of students, whole school college and career readiness that involves using study hall or home room time or half-a-credit ACT prep class. Depending on the approach, teachers can use the personalized online content to help student's master the skills identified by our assessment. Test prep strategies should always come last. The study conducted in Illinois a few years ago found that students who were taught test-taking techniques during intervention time showed a decrease in ACT scores. To avoid such outcomes, it is critical for teachers to focus most of their effort in teaching the content that corresponds to the top three improvement areas in the classroom.

Teachers Manual

Online Content:

We provide teachers with access to online content they can use for classroom instruction. Most schools don't have the resources to deploy specialist teachers for the four subject areas tested on the ACT. In these cases, teachers can leverage our content and YouTube videos to teach students. Sample questions can be used as bell-ringers or concept checkers to engage students in meaningful discussion.


Differentiated Feedback:

Our student reports identify areas of improvement and their impact on readiness. This provides teachers with the opportunity to use differentiated feedback to make significant impact in learning outcome. Our assessments help identify the common deficiencies for group of students and this aids in implementing a program with fidelity.

Holy Grails

Holy Grails:

We support materials from leading prep provider so teachers can continue to leverage prep books they have purchased. These materials can serve as bell ringers, flash cards, lesson plans etc. Books from the following publishers are supported: McGraw Hill, Barron's, Kaplan, Wiley, Petersons, etc. These holy grail documents allow you to develop a best-in-class program tailored to meet your schools unique needs.

Evolved Programs

Best-in-class programs:

Over time our best performing schools are able to identify and develop their master schedule to align specialists teachers to teach each of the four concept areas. Teachers teach English, Math, Reading and Science concepts. Students rotate through these teachers to be taught the concepts identified by the analysis. Programs may span eight weeks where students spend two weeks with each of the specialist teachers.


Proficiency Reports:

The online platform allows teachers to configure their roster to review student performance on their top three improvement areas. The reports provide teachers with feedback on how much time students have spent practicing online content, percentage of content completed and proficiency in each of the improvement areas.


Daily Usage:

Schools that are one-to-one can run daily usage reports. Teachers can view how students are spending their time during class.