ACT Test Prep - Approach

Our Content Analysis Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of student's strength and weakness in Engish, Math, Reading, and Science tests.

Once you take a full length assessment, our properietary algorithm identifies the top three areas for each of the four tests. The algorithm is based on Lean Six Sigma Principles. Our prescription for 1, 3 and 5 composite point improvement will help you prioritize concepts that offer the most opportunity to improve your score. Based on your testing schedule, you can determine which topics and how long you practice to master them.

Typical ACT® prep books have over 1000 questions so knowing which concepts will help you improve your score allows you to maximize your score and minimize effort relative to other approaches. Our properietary alogrithm will identify skills you need to master — translates to aproximately 300 questions you need to practice and gain mastery. Short videos yo expain the concept being tested so you gain proficiency in these topics before practicing the 300 questions.

While most ACT® prep programs and tutors focus on strategies and rote practice to improve score, we identify the skill deficiencies to personalize content. You will be more confident in your ability to answer question on the test once you gain sufficient proficiency in these concepts.

The ACT® is made up of four tests, 215 questions in all and needs to be completed in 2 hours and 55 minutes. Know the facts about ACT.

ACT - English

In the English test you are required to answer 75 questions in 45 minutes. There are five passages with 15 questions each which means you will need to complete each passage in nine minutes or less. Do you really know which content areas are your weakest? Knowing this will help you learn the concept and improve your score.

In the Math test you are required to answer 60 questions in 60 minutes. We will idenitfy which subcontent areas are your weakest so you can focus your efforts on those areas. The online videos and practice materials for the top three improvement areas can be covered in four to five hours so you are better prepared for the Math test.

ACT - Mathematics
ACT - Reading

In the Reading test you are required to answer 30 questions in 35 minutes. While you may not like the passages, you are not expected to study the passage to answer the questions. Our assessment will identify the passage and question types that offer the greatest opportunity to improve your score. The accompanying practice materials will enhance your ability to understand these question types and boost your confidence.

In the Science test you are required to answer 30 questions in 35 minutes. The six passages cover data representation, research summary and conflicting view point passage types. There are three question types: Analysis, Application and Comprehension. We will identify the question types that needs your focus.

ACT - Science