PSAT 8/9 Program

Our Report provides a comprehensive evaluation of student's strengths and weakness in Reading, Writing and Math tests.

Using Lean Six Sigma Principles - Pareto charts - we can effectively identify content areas that offer the most opportunity for score improvement.

Address the following questions

  • How can I improve my scores by 20%?
  • Which content areas offer the most improvement?
  • What practice content should I work on?

How can you get started?

  1. Take the PSAT™ pre-test
  2. Review the report that identifies the content areas to focus on
  3. Work on the online content to improve your proficiency in these topics

Typical timeline

The process takes about 6 - 8 weeks using the online platform. A typical timeline is listed below with suggested activity by week.

  • Week 1: Enroll and take the PSAT pre-test.
  • Week 2: Work on top three improvement areas in the Reading section
  • Week 3: Work on top three improvement areas in the Writing and Language section.
  • Week 4 - 5: Work on Math section - top three improvement areas in the calculator and no calculator sections.
  • Week 6: Complete the post test and review content areas that can further improve your score.