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Join thousands of students and hundreds of educators who have benefited from Lean Six Sigma based framework for sustainable delivery of high quality and cost effective formative assessment. Based on these prescriptive and personalized approach we have assisted district office and school administrators develop implemtation plans for classrooms and entire public schools to improve college and career readiness.

2015-2016 Graduating Class Results

We are excited to report that over 65% of high schools showed statistically significant year over year improvement in ACT composite score. Most of the schools increased student participation rate by 15%.

Analytics matter!

Simple item analysis techniques that result in reviewing questions from practice test is not sufficient. Devoting more time in a broad-brushed preparation or attempting multiple practice tests don't help.

Response to intervention

Our analysis identifies areas within each of the four ACT® content areas that need improvement. Online content personalized to these needs motivates students and implement programs with fidelity.

Personalized online content

Implementing an improvement program is simplfied by the personalize online content. Online content is licensed from Wiley ACT® For Dummies, with CD, Premier 6th Edition© 2015 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. Used by arrangement with John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Start with PreACT®

Our feedback on PreACT® assessment helps freshmen work on deficit areas early in high school. This approach results in setting high goals and expecting students to take personal responsibility for career readiness.


Many assessments do not provide actionable feedback that can lead to targeted help for students. Educators are unable to bridge knowledge gaps based on assessment results and uur objective is to provide this feedback to improve learning outcomes for students.

Contact Us

Our goal is to help you understand gaps in learning so your intervention programs deliver the best results. We are currently focused on helping middle and high schools with their assessment needs. We will build custom solutions to meet your specific need. We want to hear from you.