ACT® 8 week improvement plan

Pareto analysis of the practice ACT test provides the framework for developing and implementing an improvement program with fidelity. Most schools administer the practice test to their rising juniors; the output of the analysis is the individual student report and grade level report with specific prescription.

Based on a student’s performance on the practice test, our model will determine skill areas that provide the best opportunity for improving composite ACT score by 1 point, 3 points and 5 points. This recommendation is crucial as it will get buy-in from the student and parents/guardians.

The pareto analysis at the grade or homeroom level provides visibility into the top three skills by subtest. The top three skills by each subtest becomes the basis for structuring the improvement program.

A sample eight week improvement program:
Week Class # Topic - Identified by pareto analysis
Week 1 Class 1 Test strategies for English
Class 2 Punctuation
Week 2 Class 3 Approach and Intention
Class 4 Writing to the point
Week 3 Class 5 Test strategies for Mathematics
Class 6 Pre-Algebra
Week 4 Class 7 Advanced Algebra
Class 8 Geometry - Shapes and Figures
Week 5 Class 9 Test strategies for Reading
Class 10 Prose Fiction - Implied Idea
Week 6 Class 11 Humanities - Implied Idea
Class 12 Natural Sciences - Implied Idea
Week 7 Class 13 Test strategies for Science
Class 14 Research Summary - Analysis
Week 8 Class 15 Data Representation - Analysis
Class 16 Conflicting Ideas - Analysis

Each class/session is 40 to 50 minutes in duration and students meet twice a week. Some schools have structured the class as an after-school initiative while others have incorporated it into their regular course offerings: half a credit course or pass/fail course.

Once the analysis is completed, we will develop this schedule by working with your teachers. At most schools, our online content (videos, practice materials) has become the primary source of providing differentiated learning. This allows students to focus on their improvement needs as opposed to the one-size-fits-all online practice environment that other providers offer. Students are also encouraged to watch the videos outside of the classroom so school time can be used for discussing concepts vital to their performance.

We understand that each school has its own unique needs so we will tailor the process to work in your environment. Please contact us and we will be happy to work with you to design a solution that meets your needs.