Customized Test Prep - Stress Free

Test scores could mean all the difference between getting into an okay college and getting into a dream college. Practicing questions from a test prep book is boring, running around town to some tutoring center in a strip mall isn't great either so let us design a personalized study plan to help your child work at home. Our approach incorporates analytics and adaptive learning with expertise and motivation that can only come from another human being.

Let us design a plan for your child

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    Setup a consultation session

    We'll ask about your child's learning approach, activities they are involved in, their plans for college, and goals for test prep. This will help us determine if Analyze Ed's approach and plan will work for your family.

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    Take a practice test

    Once you take a full length assessment, our proprietary algorithm identifies the top three areas for each of the four tests. The algorithm is based on Lean Six Sigma Principles.

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    Discuss the findings with your family

    Our prescription for 1, 3, and 5 composite point improvement on the ACT or 100, 200, and 300 point improvement on the SAT will help prioritize concepts that offer the most opportunity to improve your score. We will walk you through the plan and setup the next weekly coaching session.

Flexible coaching sessions

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    We work with your schedule

    We understand that your family has a busy schedule. We are available evenings, weekends, and during regular working hours to meet with your child virtually. These session are 30-60 minutes long. You can easily reschedule a coaching session if something comes up.

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    What we cover during the session

    Review progress made by your child. Motivate your child to work towards the goal. Identify opportunities for growth and clarify content knowledge.

If your child puts in the work, score will improve - that's a guarantee.

Goal Setting
  • What your child commits to in the program
  • Put in the effort to work on the content identified. We are committed to providing you with the best instructional technology and coaching support.
  • Meet with the coach to review progress on a weekly basis.
  • Gain proficiency (3 or 4 stars) in the 12 content areas.
  • Complete one full length post-test.
Quiz and Practice content

We will assign focused practice materials for your child to work on before the next check point.

The practice material is made up of short videos or reading materials, 5 to 10 question quizzes or chapter questions from ACT prep materials to master.

Our online platform will help your child gain proficiency in the concepts assigned.

How we measure score growth?

We compare the pre-test score with the score you receive on the official test.

If you have an official test score, we offer additional guarantee on your official test scores that follows the Analyze Ed program. The additional guarantee comes in the form of money back.

What makes Analyze Ed's online platform unique

Most ACT® and SAT program tutors focus on strategies and rote practice to improve score. This is not the best approach. We identify the skill deficiencies to personalize content. Your child will be more confident in their ability to answer question on the test once they gain sufficient proficiency in the concepts identified.

Typical test prep books have over 1000 questions, so knowing which concepts will help you improve your score allows you to minimize effort relative to other approaches. Our proprietary algorithm will identify skills you need to master — translates to approximately 400 questions you need to practice and gain mastery.

The platform provides instantaneous feedback and explanation for your child to learn and master concepts. Meeting the proficiency objectives we set at the beginning of the program will help your child achieve their target score.

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