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Why doing well on standardized tests is important!

College bound students are likely to have higher income and a satisfactory career compared to their non-college bound peers.

ACT® and SAT® are commonly used by colleges to determine eligibility for admission, scholarship, and college course placement. Socioeconomic indicators play an out-sized role in determining the score on standardized tests. Our intervention program and continuous improvement processes are aimed at leveling the playing field for all students. Doing well on the ACT® and/or SAT® makes college degree attainable and affordable.

Test OptionalTest Blind. Learn and know the importance of doing well on these tests.

Focus on the journey

Your Analyze Ed Journey

We help you set a goal and develop a plan to succeed

Our initial consultation session will focus on reducing your stress and improving confidence by developing a clear plan with reachable objectives, and a schedule to get you there.

Weekly touchpoint

The weekly video touchpoint will focus on the progress made in the last week, the topics that continue to offer the greatest opportunity to meet the student's goal.

Personalized online curriculum

Your child receives personalized feedback based on the pre-test and this feedback is translated into weekly practice content. Our unique process is built specifically to address the high stress that standardized tests put on students and families.

Online platform structured to improve outcome

Your child will remain on track, improve their score fastest, and stay motivated because the program is focused on the content areas that offer the greatest opportunity for growth. Parents can track progress with access to the online platform.

The results

Analyze Ed's transformational approach incorporates people, process, and technology—which means a better test score for your child and less work for you when compared to the big box test prep companies.

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Personalized approach for a time-crunched student.

  • Pre-Test to identify areas that offer the most opportunity for improvement.
  • Personalized online content
  • Weekly 1 on 1 coaching session
  • For students with less than 6 weeks to prep


one time payment


Popular Coaching

Focused on content mastery and maximum score improvement

  • Pre-Test to identify areas that offer the most opportunity for improvement.
  • Personalized online content
  • Access to ACT and SAT test materials
  • Weekly 1 on 1 coaching session
  • Multiple practice tests
  • Career assessment to guide degree and college selection
  • For students with at least 3 months to prep


$999 first payment and $500 second payment in 6 weeks

Have you taken the ACT?

If you have taken the ACT and you are looking for ways to improve your score, use our artificial intelligence engine to see if it can identify content areas based on your existing score. It may also be able to quantify the effort in terms of questions to practice and time required.

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